• Gear

    (Ruud Weber) Bass guitars: 2015 Otentic Ruud Weber signature bass www.otenticguitars.com
    – Fender precision 1963 – Fender PJ frankenstein black Amps: – Bugera Veyron T BV1001T lightweight hybrid powerhead – Bergantino NV610 cabinet – Vanderkley 112 MNT cabinets
     www.vanderkleyamps.com – Mesa Boogie 15 inch (EV) cabinets. All gear is bought and maintained at Kaj’s Guitarstore www.kajsguitarstore.nl

    (Govert van de Kolm) Keys: Hammond A100 rebuild and maintained by Sjaak van Oosterhout www.musifix.nl – Leslie 145 with build in Shure SM57 top (2x) and Sennheiser MD421 bottom maintained by Sjaak van Oosterhout – Yamaha CP 300 – Nord Electro 3 (used as sound engine for vintage keyboard sounds) – Hohner Clavinet D6 rebuild by Marcel Groot www.ep-service.nl  Fender Blues deVille 4×10 for Clavinet – Moog MF-101 Low Passfilter for Clavinet or Custom Audio Wah for Clavine