• (Bio) KRC

    KING’S RHYTHM CREW featuring…, Dutch top rhythm section backing up National and International “blues/roots” artists.

    The King’s Rhythm Crew started early 2018 backing up a wide variety of artist. Thanks to their reputation as backing players and their own band King of the World they soon got a row of shows together playing with artist like Matt Schofield, Kid Ramos, Scott Sharrard, Jon Amor, Hugh Coltman, JB Meijers, Alan Haynes, Danny Giles, Matt Taylor, Sean Webster and many more. This led to new request to work with this top rhythm section. Master guitar player Matt Schofield agreed to play in the Netherlands on the condition that the KING’S RHYTHM CREW would be his backing band.
    After this dream start Ruud Weber (bass, lead vocals), Govert van der Kolm (keys, backing vocals) and Marlon Pichel (drums, backing vocals) decided to make it a regular project next to their own band King of the World. With a history of working with artist like Snowy White, Monster Mike Welch, David Gogo, Eugene Bridges, Candye Kane and many others, the three men of the KING’S RHYTHM CREW still have a lot of great musical projects ahead of them.


    For information about backing up artists contact Bepop Agency.


    Bepop Agency

    Utrecht, Netherlands
    Tel: +31 (0)6 16754920

    KRC can be booked with:

    • Matt Schofield
    • Kid Ramos
    • Scott Sharrard
    • Jon Amor
    • Snowy White
    • Sean Webster
    • JB Meijers